Happy Things

When we found out about Will’s diagnosis, Ben and I had a hard time staying positive and happy. As as some of you know, Ben and I are give TV show binge watchers. I love funny TV shows such as FRIENDS, The Office, Parks and Recreation, New Girl, Scrubs, and some others. When I get sad, sometimes I like to watch these funny TV shows it helps us get a good laugh. I personally believe that God is funny, and he enjoys humor. And I also believe that finding time to laugh helps us in many different ways. Here are some clips from my favorite TV shows I hope that if you are having a bad day, yo will get some laughs.

“God didn’t design us to be sad, he created us to have joy!” -Dieter F. Uchtdorf
I hope we all  remember to laugh every once in awhile , even when times or tough.


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