Some Updates on Us

I just wanted to post a little blog post on some updates going on in our little family for those who want to keep up-to-date.

First things first, we are getting a puppy!
As some of you saw on my facebook post, Ben and I decided to get a puppy to help us through this hard time in our lives. We spent a couple weeks doing research on how dogs can help with grieving and what dog breeds are best. Then we posted to our Rexburg Garage Sales page, and had so many people willing to help us find the perfect dog for us! We found a litter of lab puppies that we just fell in love with. We went over to the breeder’s house and were attached to the cutest little black lab puppy. He was playful, but cuddly and affectionate. We named him Blue because in order to tell the difference between the puppies the breeders put different color collars on them and the one we picked out happened to have a blue collar. He is currently only about 7 weeks old, and we are going to bring him home around 9 weeks! We’ve been watching dog training shows, and have been researching on training techniques and different things to prepare for our new puppy. Even just preparing for our new dog has been so therapeutic for us and has helped us so much.

This isn’t an actual picture of Blue, but this was the closest picture I could find on pinterest that looked the most like him. When we see him I get too excited and don’t take pictures, sorry!!!
Ben was really excited to set up the crate for our new dog!

Doctor Visits
As many of you know about Will’s diagnosis, we are needing a lot more doctor visits and a lot more specialists!  We are currently meeting with our regular Rexburg doctor, along with some doctors in Idaho Falls. Every time we go in for a visit we get to see our sweet little boy in an ultrasound. They check the progress of his head, and check is heart beat and growth in all aspects of his body as well. Because Rexburg is limited, we decided to visit with some more experienced doctors in Salt Lake. In the first three weeks of March we already have 6 doctor appointments scheduled. 1 in Rexburg, 1 in Idaho falls and 4 in Salt Lake at U of U hospital and Primary Children’s. We feel really good about the doctors in Salt Lake and have heard so many good things.

Update on Will
The latest update on Will’s condition is not very good, his chance of survival is extremely low, and his brain continues to grow outside of his skull. Our last doctor visit, we had the best doctor and she reassured us that the chance of a stillborn is very low. She told us that she thinks Will will survive a full-term pregnancy and either pass away shortly after birth of during labor and delivery. Because of this, we decided to meet with some more specialists in Salt Lake, and continue with the pregnancy and educate ourselves with as many options as we can. Along with this, Ben and I are having to make very big medical decisions while going to work and school, when did we become adults?

photo 1 (1)
I’ve shared this picture of Will before, it’s my favorite one of his profile because I think we looks a lot like Ben and it reassures me of how well be is doing even with this trial and deformity that he has.
photo (1)
This is a picture of my preggo belly! (I took this on Sunday) I like sharing this, because it shows how Will’s progression is no different from another baby. He still grows at a normal rate, and I still am able to do normal things my pregnancy has been very normal, and a lot like other pregnancies. He moves, and kicks. I still crave different foods, and still need to buy pregnancy clothes. I have loved being pregnant with Will! Its been an adventure for sure!

School and Work
Ben and I are currently both working part-time, and going to school full-time. It’s obviously been a trial and hard for us but we believe that education is important, and our little Will wouldn’t want us to sacrifice our schooling for him. Ben is working nights from 3am-7am for the BYU-Idaho Security, and I am working in a call center for a wedding invitation company. When we first found out about Will we took a week off from school and work, and when we went back to our daily routine we were both really nervous. But to our surprise it’s been a huge blessing to us. I personally have been so blessed to work with such great people, and getting out of the house has helped me tremendously. Ben has also been blessed because he really likes to keep busy, and going to classes during the day keeps him busy and helps him to feel happier.


Some Advice
After going through a lot of different things these past few months, and continuing to make more decisions in our lives I have some advice for those who struggle with different things in their life. right
I got this advice from a friend that lost her baby after he was born. This was the best advice I could have ever gotten, and its true. You need to make decisions between you, your spouse, and the Lord. And if you’re not married, you and the Lord. You do what you believe is best for you, and don’t worry about what other people are going to say. As Ben and I are going to make medical decisions for us and our baby, we are focusing on making them between us and the Lord.






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