My 3-Day Facebook Fast

Because of the negativity of politics on facebook, and my own weaknesses and addiction to facebook, I took a 3 day facebook fast, and learned so much in just 3 days. I hope to continue these little “facebook breaks” as I call them, to help me become less and less dependent on facebook. I seriously had a problem, and I took the initiative to fix it.

I noticed how angry, jealous, and upset I was getting and I noticed it happened every time I got off of facebook. Once I noticed that I started to keep track of how often I was on facebook, I checked facebook more than 50 times a day, isn’t that insane? I would spend hours on facebook scrolling. I would vent, fight with people, and be so obsessed with people “liking” my posts. I was obsessed and it was messing with my emotions.

At the beginning of the year, I decided I wanted change my habits about facebook. I made a goal to only check it once a day,  by day 2 it was already in the crapper. I knew this wouldn’t be an easy thing to do. I tried many different things to stay off of facebook, and to limit my facebook access, I deleted apps, shortcuts on my laptop, I tried picking up other habits, but nothing worked. I was addicted. It wasn’t until the Women’s March on Washington and Trump’s inauguration happened when I finally knew I had to tame my facebook addiction. My news feed was full of fighting, violence, people being mean to each other and I couldn’t handle it. I looked up on google anyone who has done a “facebook fast” and I read a lot of blog posts about people who have done 30 day facebook fast, I thought 30 days was a good goal to reach, but not something I would accomplish on the first try. I decided 3 days was perfect for me.

My 3 day fast started January 23 at midnight and ended January 25 at midnight. I had an exception to use the facebook messenger app because thats how some people need to get ahold of me, and to use Will’s facebook page in order to update on Will’s page. With only those exceptions, I made myself committed to not go on facebook. I wanted to help my addiction by making facebook less and less of a priority. I wanted to focus more on Will, Ben, school work, and myself. I wanted to really try reading more books, and doing things that benefit me, my family, and our time.

Overall I learned a lot, a lot more than what I expected. I learned about having real conversations with people. My volume of people I talked to was less, but the quality of conversation was simnifically better. I was more aware of what was happening around me, I met some new nurses and parents here at the hospital, I made conversation with people in the elevator, while waiting in line, and I started attending more activities that were held here at the hospital. My relationships got better, my social skills improved, and I felt more confident in myself.

I learned how to keep my personal life, personal. I used to put a lot of information on facebook in order to have justification, sympathy, or whatever it may be. I did get those things, but at a price. When I posted my opinions, life situations, anything personal people felt that because I put it on facebook that they had the right to tell me whatever they wanted. I didn’t like that. I had a lot of changes in my life during the last week or two, and it has stayed between Ben, me, and certain people I talked to face to face. It wasn’t public. Many decisions Ben and I needed to make were made through prayer, and talking with each other. I felt more confident in my decision making, and I felt better about myself. When you’re making decisions I would recommend seeking advice from those who you look up to, a mom or dad, spouse, close friend, religious leader, teacher, or whoever it may be, instead of posting it on facebook.

Positivity! I had so much positivity in my life when I wasn’t on facebook! I didn’t see a single thing about Trump, the Woman’s march, people shoving their opinions in your face. I simply had my own life, minded my own business and it was glorious. I was happier, I was able to get more things done, my life was over-all more positive. Being positive helped me to accomplish more useful things in my life, like my school work, my relationship with my husband, spending time with my son, and getting to know the people around me. I was able to take on my challenges better.

Overall, facebook is a wonderful thing. I think it can really help us stay in contact with people from all over the world. I love seeing wonderful updates from friends, birth announcements, engagements, weddings, gender revels, new jobs, graduating, promotions, and much more. But facebook, to me, is something we need to be smart about. When I posted my opinion on facebook, that meant someone else had the right to give me their opinion, which is fine, but, if you don’t want someone else’s opinions then you probably shouldn’t have posted in the first place. With facebook we are all up in each other’s business and it bugs the crap out of everyone but we continue to do it! Keep your personal life personal. Keep your big decisions to yourself and people you admire. Don’t use facebook as a way to only communicate with people, go out and enjoy life.

I plan on doing more facebook breaks, my next will be a week of no facebook, it has really benefitted me, and I hope some of you can try the same!